Privately Track Locations and Monitor Symptoms

Together, let's get proactive in the fight against COVID-19

Contact tracing is recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as a critical control measure in the battle against COVID-19. For many people, however, it's difficult to remember the exact times and locations of essential outings, making it challenging for health professionals to notify those potentially exposed. 

   Each of us has the power to help fight this virus using our smartphones.   

With your help, we can more efficiently identify and notify those individuals and businesses possibly exposed to COVID-19. Through private location logging, and symptom tracking, we can help support our dedicated health professionals during this unprecedented time and

flatten the curve.



Help slow the spread of COVID-19

Ease the burden on health professionals

Provide accurate and reliable data, while protecting your privacy.

Privately Track Your Locations

Automatically track your locations during the outbreak.


The data is stored safely on your phone and only you have access to it.

Monitor Symptoms

Log symptoms daily to accurately update healthcare providers.


All data is stored locally

and you choose when and where to share it.


A simple tool to fight a complex problem.

Easy to Use

With a clear and simple design, you'll be set-up in minutes to start automatically logging your locations and symptoms.

Private & Secure

With the data stored locally on your phone, you - and only you - are able to access, review, and share it whenever you choose to.


Our commitment to you

Protecting your Data.

Safe Contact leverages secure, leading-edge technology that allows users to track their locations locally on their own devices to support contact tracing efforts, monitor their symptoms, and help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Users will always retain complete control over their data and if, when, and how it's shared with health professionals.


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